Moores In the News

Being a bakery that has been around for over 140 years we have had our fair share of press over the years. We've gone through the bakery archives and found a few stories that have made the headlines. 

Knobs News

Over the years reporters have shown great interest in the Moores Dorset Knob biscuits, as can be seen from these three arcticles from the 1950s through to the 1970s.  

Moores Biscuits On TV

Back in the early 2000s a TV crew from Food Network Daily came down to Dorset to the Moores bakery with the aim of discovering what it takes to make our delicious butter biscuits. Watch this video to find out for yourself! 

Telegraph - Le knob est arrive

In 2003 the Telegraph wrote and article on the Dorset Knob explaining the history of the product and that fact that it was to be baked seasonally due to the the ever increasing demand for Moores sweet biscuits. 

Dorset Knob Throwing 

in 2008 the Dorset Knob throwing festival was born in the Dorset village of Cattistock immediately this unique festival based around Dorset Knob events was a hit.  

Over the following years the festival made the headlines of various news outlets around the world and the popularity of the event grew year on year.  

Radio 1 DJ Greg James is calling for Dorset's knob throwing festival to take place next year despite organisers saying it would be cancelled.

BBC Radio 1 

Back in late 2019 Radio 1 DJ Greg James put Moores Biscuits into the national news. He tried to reinstate the Dorset Knob Throwing festival after it was announced that it would be cancelled due to issues with the hosting venue. James was quoted as saying "a year without knobs is not a year, in my book". 

Moores Shop - A New Beginning 

In more recent times the closure of our Morcombelake shop and the opening of our new Bridport bakery shop in 2021 took centre stage in the local news. 

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